What is violence in the eye of an AI? Why does it perceive some people more violent and some less sexy? This game uses the algorithm behind Google’s safe search filter to return the rate of violence or sexiness on the incoming webcam footage. Player must trick the AI into thinking extreme violence or sexiness is in the picture. The game questions the implications of autonomous biased systems quantifying subjective notions such as violence.

The two notions — violence and sexiness, were chosen because Google uses the two classifications to sensor inappropriate pictures on the internet via the SafeSearch feature. Third party application can also use this Safe Search API to make sure they do not have inappropriate content on their service.

This game runs both on iPad and PC and uses video from the camera as a real time input. Each frame taken by the camera is analysed to return the probability of violence and sexiness (between 0 to 4) in real time. Unity engine with C# was used because it runs across all platforms from Mac to smartphone devices.

Tomo Kihara (Author) —— Web

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